Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stella Starish Cosmetics

Warning: This is going to be long and by long yes I do mean even longer than my last post :)
Several days ago I opened up my mailbox and saw the most beautiful metallic pink package I have ever seen. It was sent to me by the wonderful Miss. Stella of Stella Starish Cosmetics. <--- Click the link to check out her website! Honestly opening it seriously felt like Christmas in July.  Inside was the cutest Hello Kitty card with a handwritten message and a P.S. that said she had included some goodies for my daughter. Now anyone who knows me knows that I have an eight year old named Alyssa who is basically my clone. We act alike, talk alike and in our free time play with makeup. Stella had sent her some adorable nail decals and some candy. This not only made Alyssa’s day but to me shows how caring and sweet Stella is.
Now for my goodies! She sent me a pair of lashes, nail decals and a metallic silver drawstring bag filled 13 eye shadows in every color from pinks to blues to yellows to greens. She did a wonderful job choosing them for me because they are all colors that I would have picked myself.  The shadows come in 5 gram sifter jars with a gold Stella Starish label on top. Each one is shrink wrapped and even has a sifter seal sticker so you know for sure that you will receive them in perfect condition without losing any product.  I quickly opened and swatched them and then spent the next several minutes just staring at the beautiful, sparkly, pigmented colors on my arm. I was so anxious to try them that I decided to do a look right then. 

Since I am now the proud new owner of this blog I thought I would try doing a little pictorial to go with my look. I hope that it is helpful and I would absolutely love to hear your feedback. Is this even helpful? Is it something you would like me to do again? I would also LOVE to see pictures if any of you try this out. Oh and a huge thank you to my favorite 8 year old Alyssa for her being my photographer!

For my eyes I used:

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Urban Decay eye shadow in Foxy (in the Naked2 palette)

Stella Starish eye shadow in Dew

Stella Starish eye shadow in Eros

Stella Starish eye shadow in Humera

Stella Starish eye shadow in Big Dipper

Makeup Forever waterproof eyeliner in black

Ardell lashes in wispies

Red Cherry lashes in W004

DUO waterproof lash glue

For my lips I used:

MAC Pretty Please lipstick
Stella Starish eye shadow in Circinus

Start by applying the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk all over your eye from lash line to brow (consternating more on your lip and blending up) using a small, flat synthetic brush. If  this creases at all while working you can always just blend it again with your brush.
Using a fluffy shadow brush apply a matte nude shadow like Urban Decay Foxy all over from your crease to your brow.
Using a small flat shadow brush apply a white shadow like Stella Starish Dew in the inner corner to almost halfway across your lid making sure to not go above your crease. Use a patting motion to really pack on the color and allow it to stick to the NYX base you applied just make sure to tap off your brush to avoid too much fallout under your eyes.
Using that same small flat shadow brush and same patting motion apply a bright pink like Stella Starish Eros on the other half of your eye.
Now use a fluffy blending brush (my all time must have favorite it the MAC 224)and that same bright pink shadow and blend it up into your crease. Also blend the line in between the pink and white shadow on your lid.
Now use that same fluffy blending brush (you can just wipe it on a paper towel to clean the pink off) and apply a orange shadow like Stella Starish Humera from your tear duct to your brow. I love adding a little pop of color like in this spot. Just make sure it is a color that will open and brighten your eyes. My favorites are yellow, white and orange.
Clean off your blending brush again and apply the same white shadow you used earlier to lightly highlight under your brow. Since this is the final color that you will apply its always good to stop, take a step back and take a look at both eyes to make sure they are even and blended. If not you can add more color or use your clean blending brush to blend the colors together more. Things have a tendency to look a little different when you take a step back so I always do this when doing makeup on myself or a client.
For this look I created a very clean straight line. There are a couple different ways people do this like applying a piece of tape to each eye before you start or doing your eye makeup before your face and cleaning it up with a makeup wipe. I like to just clean it up with some concealer. I take a flat concealer brush and my under eye concealer (a shade lighter than my skin) and literally just draw a line from the bottom corner of my eye to the end of my brow. Then I use my finger to blend the concealer down into my foundation. This method is fast and easy and I like the way the lighter concealer shade creates a clean high contrast line next to the colorful shadows. Its kinda like a makeup magic eraser.

Then fill in your brows and apply liner to the top and bottom lash lines winging it out on the sides and creating a small point in your inner eye.
Now use a small pencil brush and a bright blue shadow like Stella Starish Big Dipper and apply it to your lower lash line on top on the black liner (applying it on top of the liner will help to soften the line but you will still have the definition from it). I also like to bring the blue up under the wing of my liner.
Now apply some mascara and lashes
For your lip use a shimmery nude like MAC Pretty Please and blend it with a shimmery light shadow like Stella Starish Circinus.


  1. Such a pretty look! I can't wait to use your tutorial to give it a try!

    1. Thanks! I would love to see pictures of your look that you create. Stay tuned for an amazing giveaway this weekend with most of these products.